Install Neovim

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Install Neovim on linux as an appimage in the recommended directory ~/.local/bin/ (Ubuntu / Debian), or in ~/bin/ (OpenSUSE).

cd ~/.local/bin/

curl -LO
chmod u+x nvim.appimage

This should install and open Neovim. Then run a health check. You may need to install additional dependencies, like build-essential or equivalent.


Update shell aliases.

alias nvim='/home/[USERNAME]/.local/bin/nvim.appimage'

# .local/bin is often added to $PATH, so
alias nvim='nvim.appimage'

alias vi='nvim'

Create config file.

touch ~/.config/nvim/init.vim
# or symlink it if you have one
ln -s ~/.dotfiles/nvim ~/.config/nvim

Separate config if nvim is embedded in VSCode.

if exists('g:vscode')
  " vscode-neovim config

" neovim config

Using with VSCode.

  1. Install VSCode Neovim plugin

  2. Update settings

	"vscode-neovim.neovimExecutablePaths.linux": "/home/[USERNAME]/.local/bin/nvim.appimage",

	"editor.cursorBlinking": "solid",
	"keyboard.dispatch": "keyCode" // if CapsLock changed to Esc
  1. Optional: add which-key plugin

  2. Optional: add keybindings


Make CapsLock an additional Esc.

May need some build libs for tree-sitter to compile (for Ubuntu / Debian).

sudo apt install build-essential

Install plugin manager Plug.

sh -c 'curl -fLo "${XDG_DATA_HOME:-$HOME/.local/share}"/nvim/site/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \'

Then open Neovim $ nvim and install plugins.


Prerequisites: NodeJS and NPM to use LSP, install with FNM, for faster shell startup, or with NVM

Install LSP servers

# javascript & typescript (.js & .ts)
npm i -g typescript typescript-language-server

# css & html & json
npm i -g vscode-langservers-extracted

# svelte
npm i -g svelte-language-server

# vim
npm i -g vim-language-server

# emmet
npm i -g emmet-ls

# all
npm i -g typescript typescript-language-server vscode-langservers-extracted svelte-language-server vim-language-server emmet-ls

Install utils for TypeScript server development (NodeJS).

npm i -g ts-node @swc/core @swc/helpers

Install nodemon, for automatically restart your server.

npm install -g nodemon

Install prettierd, for instant formatting.

npm install -g @fsouza/prettierd

Install ripgrep & fd for faster search with Telescope.

sudo apt install ripgrep fd-find

Clipboard copy/paste support.

sudo apt install xsel

All deps for Ubuntu / Debian

sudo apt install build-essential xsel ripgrep fd-find

Recommended terminal: kitty

Here my nvim config