My notes on web development and related topics.

  1. Svelte Tips

    Svelte tips to work with stores, localStorage, watchers

  2. Multiple git accounts

    Manage multiple git (Github & Gitlab) accounts on same Linux machine via HTTPS

  3. Install Neovim

    Install Neovim on a linux distro as an appimage

  4. Install Nerd Font

    Install Nerd Font on a linux distro

  5. Write linux bootable USB

    Create a bootable Live-USB stick of a linux distro in the terminal

  6. Generate images with text in nodejs

    Generate images with text in NodeJS using canvas

  7. Custom scrollbar CSS for all browsers

    How to a create custom scrollbar with CSS for all modern browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari)

  8. Git workflow for solo web dev

    Git workflow for solo developers in web (front-end) projects

  9. Intermediate classes for setting variables

    Intermediate helper classes just for setting CSS custom properties.

  10. Dropdown menu with details

    Dropdown menu with <details> tag

  11. HSL colors with vars

    Defining color palette with CSS custom properties and HSL

  12. Checkbox and radio

    Making checkbox and radio buttons

  13. CSS Buttons

    Style buttons differentiating between events.

  14. Making a blog website with SvelteKit

    Build a simple blog website with SvelteKit, statically generated (SSG) from markdown

  15. SvelteKit change lang attribute

    SvelteKit, change <html> lang attribute inside hooks on build

  16. Vue 3 extracting setup

    Vue 3 extracting setup() from a large component in a separate file

  17. Vue 3 Firebase Auth

    Vue 3 Firebase Authentication (SDK v9) with Vue-Router

  18. My Vue 3 Directory Structure

    My Vue 3 Directory Structure for small, presonal projects

  19. Accordion and Expansion Panel in pure CSS

    Building Accordion & Expansion Panel in pure CSS without any JS using <details>

  20. Customizing PrismJS with CSS variables

    Customizing Prism.js syntax highlighter with CSS variables for light / dark color theme

  21. Snippets for vscode

    My javascript & vue snippets for vscode

  22. Styling HighlightJS with CSS variables

    Customize Highlight.js syntax highlight with CSS variables for light / dark color theme

  23. Fetch API wrapper

    Simple Fetch API wrapper

  24. CSS Reset

    CSS Reset

  25. A little bit of humour

    Some jokes, maybe even funny ones